We have identified proteins from several available sources of the RBC proteome. UniProt data are used to represent a protein in RBCC, since UniProt is a well curated database for proteins. Most of the data presented on the entry page of a RBC protein, e.g. synonyms, variants, cross-reference to other databases, etc., are derived from the fields of UniProt.

It is also important to keep in mind that our database can not be more accurate than the sources. To give a hint about the confidence of the presence of a protein in RBC membrane, we have set different confidence levels:

In order to allow detailed searches in a Google-like manner, full text data for an RBC protein are also selected from other databases and inserted into RBCC. These full text data include UniProt, OMIM, hRBCD, BGMUT, and also users' comments. It is important to note that the available data from other resources may not be the most recent versions. However, we link a RBC membrane protein specifically to the record of that protein in the external databases.

In order to assemble the RBCC database and web application we employed the following tools: