ID Abbrev Name Description
1 hRBCD Human Red Blood Cell Database Data were extracted from the main html table. 494 proteins out of 587 were identified automatically using their IPI number, while 39 could be identified manually. Missing proteins result e.g. from obsolete UniProt ACC numbers.
2 PM19886704 D'Alessandro A, Righetti PG, Zolla L., The red blood cell proteome and interactome: an update. J Proteome Res. 2010 Jan;9(1):144-63. Proteins were extracted from the first supplementary pdf file. 1,464 identifiers could be mapped automatically to UniProt entries. 240 proteins were matched manually. 1,647 proteins were inserted into the database instead of 1,704 because of redundant and obsolete entries.
3 BGMUT The Blood Group Antigen Gene Mutation Database (NCBI) 44 genes are present in this database and all of them could be mapped easily to UniProt records. Antigens, which are not primary gene products, were excluded.
5 BSc_CH Bruno Stieger's collection A collection of RBC membrane proteins based on MS data obtained in Zurich in three different human RBC membrane preparations. The experiments and the analysis was performed in a way to identify only those proteins (419) which are convincingly present in the samples.
6 BD_CD BD_Reagents_CDMarkerHuman Proteins in this dataset were extracted from the BD Biosciences Human CD Marker Chart reviewed by HLDA. 30 proteins are marked as expressed in erythrocytes.
7 PM23856902 Goodman SR, Daescu O, Kakhniashvili DG, Zivanic M. Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2013 May 1;238(5):509-18. Proteins were extracted from the first supplementary pdf file using automatic methods. 2166 proteins out of 2289 could be identified.
8 PM22954596 Pesciotta EN, Sriswasdi S, Tang HY, Mason PJ, Bessler M, Speicher DW. J Proteomics. 2012 Dec 5;76 Spec No.:194-202. Proteins were extracted from the supplementary pdf file. 803 proteins out of 842 could be identified.