Source: BSc_CH
Marked as 'Membrane associated protein'
Confidence: medium (present in either hRBCD or BSc_CH or PM22954596) Search PubMed for
(RBC AND this entry)

Gene names: ATP5H , My032
Protein names and data: ATP5H_HUMAN , ATP synthase subunit d, mitochondrial; ATPase subunit d Lenght: 161 a.a.
Mass: 18491 Da
fasta formatted sequence

Function: Mitochondrial membrane ATP synthase (F(1)F(0) ATP synthase or Complex V) produces ATP from ADP in the presence of a proton gradient across the membrane which is generated by electron transport complexes of the respiratory chain. F-type ATPases consist of two structural domains, F(1) - containing the extramembraneous catalytic core, and F(0) - containing the membrane proton channel, linked together by a central stalk and a peripheral stalk. During catalysis, ATP synthesis in the catalytic domain of F(1) is coupled via a rotary mechanism of the central stalk subunits to proton translocation. Part of the complex F(0) domain and the peripheric stalk, which acts as a stator to hold the catalytic alpha(3)beta(3) subcomplex and subunit a/ATP6 static relative to the rotary elements.
Cellular location: Mitochondrion. Mitochondrion inner membrane.

Database cross-references

UniProt: O75947
Ensembl: ENST00000301587
Ensembl: ENST00000344546
neXtProt: NX_O75947
Antibodypedia: O75947 (may not find the protein thus also not any antibody)
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