Source: hRBCD ; ID: IPI00007676
Marked as 'Integral membrane protein'
Confidence: high (present in two of the MS resources) Search PubMed for
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Gene names: HSD17B12
Protein names and data: DHB12_HUMAN , Estradiol 17-beta-dehydrogenase 12; , 17-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 12; 17-beta-HSD 12; 3-ketoacyl-CoA reductase; KAR; 1.3.1.- Lenght: 312 a.a.
Mass: 34324 Da
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Function: Catalyzes the transformation of estrone (E1) into estradiol (E2), suggesting a central role in estrogen formation. Its strong expression in ovary and mammary gland suggest that it may constitute the major enzyme responsible for the conversion of E1 to E2 in women. Also has 3-ketoacyl-CoA reductase activity, reducing both long chain 3-ketoacyl-CoAs and long chain fatty acyl-CoAs, suggesting a role in long fatty acid elongation.
Catalytic activity: 17-beta-estradiol + NAD(P)(+) = estrone + NAD(P)H.
Pathway: Steroid biosynthesis; estrogen biosynthesis. Lipid metabolism; fatty acid biosynthesis.
Cellular location: Endoplasmic reticulum membrane; Multi-pass membrane protein.
Tissue specificity: Expressed in most tissues tested. Highly expressed in the ovary and mammary. Expressed in platelets.

Genetic variants

Database cross-references

UniProt: Q53GQ0
Ensembl: ENST00000278353
MIM: 609574
neXtProt: NX_Q53GQ0
Antibodypedia: Q53GQ0 (may not find the protein thus also not any antibody)
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