Source: PM23856902
Marked as 'Membrane associated protein'
Confidence: medium (present in either hRBCD or BSc_CH or PM22954596) Search PubMed for
(RBC AND this entry)

Gene names: MICALL2 , JRAB
Protein names and data: MILK2_HUMAN , MICAL-like protein 2 , Junctional Rab13-binding protein; Molecule interacting with CasL-like 2; MICAL-L2 Lenght: 904 a.a.
Mass: 97502 Da
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Function: Effector of small Rab GTPases which is involved in junctional complexes assembly through the regulation of cell adhesion molecules transport to the plasma membrane and actin cytoskeleton reorganization. Regulates the endocytic recycling of occludins, claudins and E-cadherin to the plasma membrane and may thereby regulate the establishment of tight junctions and adherens junctions. In parallel, may regulate actin cytoskeleton reorganization directly through interaction with F-actin or indirectly through actinins and filamins. Most probably involved in the processes of epithelial cell differentiation, cell spreading and neurite outgrowth (By similarity).
Cellular location: Cell membrane; Peripheral membrane protein (By similarity). Cell junction, tight junction (By similarity). Recycling endosome (By similarity). Cell projection (By similarity). Cytoplasm, cytoskeleton (By similarity). Cytoplasm, cytosol (By similarity).

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Database cross-references

UniProt: Q8IY33
Ensembl: ENST00000297508
Ensembl: ENST00000405088
Ensembl: ENST00000413446
neXtProt: NX_Q8IY33
Antibodypedia: Q8IY33 (may not find the protein thus also not any antibody)
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